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See%20You%20ThereI have worked in the IT field for over 30 years, and I’m a bit of a technology buff.  (No surprise if you read my stuff.)  I tend to like to build my own computers.  I’ve worked with a number of mainframes back in the day, transitioned to Netware, and now support servers with Microsoft software including Active Directory.  I’ve worked with networking off and on since the days of Token Ring, and am well versed in current networking technologies.

I also follow politics.  Though I tend to be more conservative, I don’t buy into the anti-government, anti-regulation, every man for himself, legislation sold to the highest bidder type of attitude that seems to permeate the Rupublican party these days.  I guess for now that leaves me party-less.  In general, I tend to believe in a small efficient government whose role is to defend our country, establish the basic rules of fair play (regulation) for our free market system, and provide a basic safety net from which those who lose everything can start over.  Because we have evolved to a world economy as opposed to a national economy, I also believe that “defend our country” must now include not just putting resources into the military, but putting resources into things like education to avoid having the United States turn into an uneducated low skilled work force that can’t compete economically with other countries.

Finally, I enjoy being in the outdoors.  I love fishing and hiking in the mountains though I don’t get to do much of that these days.


Posted November 9, 2011 by metzlertech

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